** Property Management is considered an ‘Essential Service’ during the ‘Stay at Home’ order. Our physical office is closed, however we are still here to conduct/coordinate emergency maintenance, facilitate payments, move ins and move outs, help landlords in need of property management, and other critical tasks. People need a safe place to live, and Property Management is at the forefront of facilitating that. **

We understand these are turbulent times. If you have a specific question or are concerned about your ability to pay rent, please reach out to us ASAP to discuss options.  Just like you, we are taking this day by day, attempting to plan a few steps ahead.

Smart Pad Policy Updates

  • Our physical office location is closed.
  • No unnecessary interior inspections are being conducted.
  • Lock Box move in’s are being offered at no additional cost.
  • We are waiting 3 days after a move out to conduct our rental turn/cleaning.
  • Emergency Maintenance only.
  • All payments must be made online (our physical office is closed)
  • We will not require vacating residents to show their rental unit to new tenants prior to your move out.


Rent Payment FAQ

  • Rent is still due on the 1st, late on the 5th.
  • No, the State/Federal Government did not pass a law which forgives past due rent or allows a Tenant to not pay rent if that Tenant is capable of doing so.
  • Yes, multiple Local/State/Federal policies will prevent a Tenant from being evicted due to non payment of rent through the end of April.
  • Yes, we will absolutely work with Tenants who are unable to pay rent, in the form of payment plans and late fee waivers. That being said, you must pursue paid sick leave, unemployment benefits, and other resources.


Rental Assistance Resources

  • Multiple State/Federal policies require employers to offer you both paid sick leave as well as paid family medical leave. Whether you are personally sick, a family member is sick, you are unable to work because of child care etc.
  • Washington State Unemployment benefits are available without the 1 week waiting period. If you are unemployed and have yet to apply for benefits, we suggest doing so immediately. You can do so here. 
  • Please see the below links which provide numerous resources to aid Tenants in this time of need. These benefits range from rental assistance, food, utilities, and more.


Paid Sick Leave & Unemployment Information


King County Rental Assistance Programs


Pierce County Rental Assistance Programs


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