We came across a too crazy to be true story over the weekend, but as it turn out is in fact something that actually just happened.

Long story short, a man setup a fake Property Management Company in Auburn, and signed up dozens of unsuspecting home owners.  After onboarding, he added extra bedrooms to their homes and pocketed ALL of the rent from both the ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’ bedrooms! Not to mention walking away with security deposits and other monies owed.

You can read the full story here.


If you were not aware, performing property management duties in Washington State can only be done by a company that is licensed as a ‘real estate firm’.  Your individual Property Manger (the person in charge of your account for example) does not have to be a licensed real estate broker to perform most of the day to day activities, however they are overseen by someone who carries a Managing Brokers license and who likely owns the Real Estate Firm.

Our Real Estate License # with the WA DOL is 20542.

You can search that number on the WA DOL website to find our licensing information.








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