Let’s talk about how to make your home ready to become a rental home. First Smart Pad Property Management can facilitate any and all ‘Make Ready’ cleaning and repairs if you would like us to. We have a full time in house licensed and bonded contractor who can make all the necessary repairs that might be needed. He can facilitate projects such as painting, caulking, flooring, upgrading door knobs, tearing down outside structures, etc. If it is a larger project say like a new roof or concrete work we also have you covered. We have a comprehensive list of licensed and bonded contractors who can facilitate any need your home may have. Once you feel your house is cleaned, repaired and rent ready you will then turn it over to us. Our in house contractor will complete a Walk Through Survey to make sure the home is up to our standards. If there is any additional work that he feels needs to be completed he will list them on the Walk Through Survey.

The Rental Turn is the term used to describe the time in between one tenant and the next. During this time period Smart Pad Property Management will facilitate any and all cleaning and repairs. This way you can sit back and relax and let us take care of all the work. We will keep tight correspondence with you during this time so you are involved in any and all decisions that need to be made concerning your property.
Next I will break down the detailed cleaning list. First thing is you will need to remove any and all personal items. Any personal items that are left behind we will not be held responsible for nor will we hold the residence responsible. Unfortunately any personal items that are left behind will eventually be destroyed due to time and or use. Please remove all garbage from inside and outside the home. Try not to leave any items behind such as hangers, plungers, hoses, ladders, etc. We truly believe that a clean and well kept home will be treated as such by the prospective tenant. Your home will also rent much faster if it is clean and well kept and the quality of tenant will increase.

If your home has a generator, fireplace, hot tub, etc. we do recommend you leave any manuals you might have in a drawer in the home. If you have a garage door opener we will need two garage door remotes. If you need any help with painting let us know, we can help. Every new rental will have a Smart Key System installed. The benefit for you is once you pay for the system initially there will never be another charge to you again and the system will pay for itself after one turn. The benefit to the resident is that if they ever lose their key or lock themselves out we can quickly fix either issue thus getting them back into their home quickly and safely.

Any and all stairs and railings need to be inspected for soundness, they should be sturdy.

Areas to clean inside the home include the walls they need to be scrubbed where necessary. If you have a wood burning fireplace it needs to be cleaned out and the chimney will need to be cleaned and inspected as well. If the carpets are still in good condition they will need to be cleaned and if you have pets you will need to add an enzyme treatment. Any and all flooring needs to be cleaned. Light covers, outlets, switches and fixtures need to be wiped down and repaired if necessary. Any and all stairs and railings need to be inspected for soundness and cleaned. Replace the batteries in all of the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors (The tenant is responsible for replacing the batteries after this point). If you have a doorbell make sure it is in working order. Any window coverings that will be staying in the home need to be clean and in working order. The windows need to be cleaned inside and out and don’t forget the tracks. Any window that opens must have a screen on it. Check all the window and door locks to make sure they are in good functioning order. Lastly make sure all entry doors and the garage door are in proper working order. If they are not they need to be repaired or replaced.

Let’s move onto the bathroom and kitchen areas. If your shower requires a curtain rod you will need to provide one. Any place you have tile check the grout and make sure it is still in good condition. This next one is something that most of us like to ignore but truly we shouldn’t, caulking. Take a look at all your toilets and tubs and make sure your caulking is looking good and if it isn’t replace it. Check the garbage disposal for proper function. All drains need to have a stopper and should be flowing freely. Check to make sure your toilets are working properly and have no leaks. Each bathroom should have an exhaust fan which is vented properly. Next is the appliances! Check to make sure all of your appliances that will be staying in the home are working properly. The furnace will need to be professionally and we need a receipt for the work completed. All water heaters must have metal earthquake straps on them. The last one I know seems kind of weird but it’s state law.

We have a full time in house licensed and bonded contractor who can make all the necessary repairs that might be needed.

Let’s move onto the exterior of the home. Please remove any decorative yard items, hoses, leaves, pine needles, animal feces. Trim any bushes or trees if they are in need. Pressure wash the outside of your home if it is dirty or mossy and remove any cobwebs. The home needs to have an exterior light by the front and back door. If you have a sprinkler system it may be a good idea to get it all set up so you don’t have to rely on the tenants. Check your roof for soundness and make sure it’s been cleaned along with the gutters. Try to make sure you don’t have any oil or grease stains in the driveway. The reason for this is we want to give the home over to a tenant in the exact condition we hope to get it back in (minus normal wear and tear). Check any gates and fences for soundness and fix any areas that may be questionable.
Ya we are nearing the end of the checklist! Your utilities will need to remain on while the home is vacant. As soon as we find a tenant and hand them the keys we will switch everything over into their name. Any time the home is vacant the utilities will go back into your name. If you have an alarm system it will need to be shut off. We can’t require a tenant to use the system but you never know they may want to use the alarm system. Just have the service canceled but leave the devices installed. The bottom line is it’s the tenants decision. You can cancel your cable/satellite TV at any time.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call us at any point in time!

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

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