Hello, let’s talk about our new Resident Benefits Package and what it entails. This program not only benefits the resident living in your home but it has some great benefits for you as well. The major benefit for you is the added value you/ we are giving your residents.

Automatically delivered HVAC filters provided by Filter Easy.

Here are the package details. Automatically delivered HVAC filters provided by Filter Easy, they will deliver a new filter every 3 months. This will eliminate the resident having to first remember to change the filter and second it will ensure the correct size filter is in your furnace. Furnaces are one of the top items that need maintenance in a home and it’s usually because the filters have not been regularly changed.

We will report to the Experian Rent Bureau to help build good rental credit history for your residence. This is our way of saying thank you for paying your rent in a timely manner and thank you for taking care of the home.

We use a state of the art online platform which we give our residents access to. The resident can use this portal to pay their rent, submit maintenance requests, view their lease or rental agreement and much more. There is no charge for them to use this platform however the third party payment vendors may have a fee. The fact that we don’t add a fee is unheard of in the property management business.

Instead of a fee here and a fee there all the fees are rolled into one!

We have a 24-7 emergency maintenance line for any emergencies that may arise with your home. If a water pipe should burst or a septic line should fail the resident can always get a hold of us.

We require all of our tenants to have 100,000 of liability insurance coverage. We are including this insurance in the Resident Benefit Package to make logistics easier for the resident. Instead of a fee here and a fee there all the fees are rolled into one. The residence are allowed to acquire their own insurance if they would prefer they just need to provide us with the appropriate documentation. Just as a side note this insurance is not their renters insurance this insurance covers the dwelling in the event of a loss.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out at any time.

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