Hey everybody this is Gavin at Smart Pad Property Management. Today I’m coming to you from our latest home in Puyallup. This is a home we will be putting on the market soon but everything really applies to property management as well. I want to talk to you about a few things we can do for you which are pretty different than what most property management companies out there are offering. 

“We offer something pretty unique in comparison to most Property Management companies!”

We have a full time contractor on staff so whether the project is small maintenance type projects or full scale renovation projects or really anything in between we can facilitate all of those projects. Here at this house we are doing all new floors, interior & exterior paint, new light and plumbing fixtures, new door hardware, installing some new appliances and closing off a couple walls. We have all kinds of projects going on here.

As we prepare to put a house up for rent there is commonly a few little projects that have to be done. We are going to be able to knock those projects out really quickly. During your tenants residency certain maintenance issue will come up, maybe a fence will fall down or a garbage disposal will stop working. Rest assured though as we have people on staff who can quickly go out and handle those situations.

During the rental turn over you will commonly have some paint that needs to be touched up, installation of new flooring or perhaps interior and exterior cleanup. we have you covered there as well!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions and have a great day!

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