Here at Smart Pad Property Management we use the Smart Key System on all of our rental homes. Here are some reasons why we have/will install this system on your home. Re-keying locks in between tenants/owners reduces liability for all parties. Taking lock cylinders out and bringing to a hardware store is time consuming and labor intensive. Re-keying locks with a locksmith is expensive. ($120-$150 for 3 doors). Re-keying the locks with our Smart Key is FREE, never pay a locksmith again!  All locks can be re-keyed in a matter of seconds. If your tenant accidentally locks themselves out of the home we can go and re-key the lock in a matter of minutes and it’s free!

“Smart Key saves our property manager time which saves you the owner money, it’s a win for everyone.”

* We find that replacing all your locks with Smart Key locks is approximately 1.5 times more expense upfront then re-keying with a locksmith 1 time. If you have 4 keyed doors a locksmith bill would be around $160, you’re looking at around $240 for a Smart Key system. Then you’ll never pay for re-keying again!

* Our Smart Key System pays for itself with 1 lock change! We estimate the initial cost to be 1 1/2 times greater then replacing the locks once.

* We charge a flat fee of $75.00 + Materials to Purchase/Install the Smart Key System for up to 4 doors

If you have any questions about our Smart Key system please reach out to us at any time.

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