Here is how Smart Pad Property Managements move out procedures work. How do you get the deposit back, that is the burning question on everyone’s mind. Your deposit is subject to the provisions in your lease or management agreement. The first step in the process is to fill out the ‘Notice to Vacate’ form located on our website. How will you get your refund and when. The how depends on how well you clean the home & property and the when is within 21 days of your move out day.Things that may cause you not to receive the full refundable portion of your deposit are: Holes in the walls, Destroyed flooring, painting that needs to be done, etc. Your refund or bill will come to you by mail.

We will be showing your home during your move out period. We will be in the home the entire time during the showing. You will be given 24hrs notice and we will show the home at a reasonable time. We will do our best to work around your schedule as we do not want to be in your way. Please make sure during the showings that your pets are out of the home or secured in a pet crate. If you have an alarm system please disarm the alarm during the time we will be in the home for the showing. Also we ask that no minors are present without an adult in the home.
When should the move out inspection be scheduled? Please schedule this appointment at least 5 days prior to your scheduled move out date. At the time of this inspection you need to be completely vacated from the property and the property needs to be as it was when we turned it over to you. We hope to see no major damage during this inspection. You will need to turn in any and all keys and all the remotes such as the garage door remote. We will also need a forwarding address and current phone number. The reason for the last two items is in case we need to get a hold of you for anything and so we can send you any outstanding bills and your refundable portion of the deposit.

There are two different types of cleaning. First we have the Partial Cleaning List. This list applies to those residents who put down a non-refundable cleaning deposit at the beginning of their lease. For those residents who did not put down this deposit you will need to complete the Full Cleaning List. For the Partial cleaning you will need to do the following in order to get your home ready to move out and to get the full refundable  portion of your deposit back. You will need to remove all trash, debris and personal belongings from the home. Please replace any burnt out light bulbs and dead smoke detector/CO2 batteries. Replace the furnace filter if it is time. You will then need to do a surface level cleaning of the home, not a deep cleaning. Vacuum all the carpets and sweep any hard surface flooring. You MUST remove all the trash from the home, this is very important. Any trash left in the home we will need to collect and take to the dump. There will be a fee for our contractor and a dump fee. This will cost you $100 or more depending on how much garbage or belongings are left behind, contractors charge $100+ an hour. Mow and edge the yard, remove any debris (animal feces, leaves, etc.) and weed the flower beds. Sweep or blow off all exterior patios, decks and paved areas. Now you are done!

If you are a candidate for the full cleaning here is a general overview of your cleaning list.You can find the full cleaning list on or website, You will need to have the carpets professionally cleaned and we will need a copy of the receipt for our records. DO NOT SPACKLE THE WALLS. The reason for this is spackling can often result in us having to go in and do much more repair work thus costing you extra money. We only use licensed and bonded contractors and they can cost around $100-$150 per hour. Please use appropriate cleaners for the surface you are working with. Such as use stainless steal cleaner on stainless steal and tile cleaner on tile. Any damage caused by using the wrong cleaner will come out of your deposit and we want you to get all your money back! The most important thing to us is you return the home to us in the condition we turned it over to you in. Here is a list of items that needs to be cleaned in every room of the house. Mirrors, Closet Shelves and Doors, Clean Walls, Light Switches and Electrical Outlets, Baseboards, Doors, Flooring, Dust Ceiling, Dust Light Fixtures, Light Bulbs, Vents, Shelving, Cabinets, Drawers, Blinds, Windows & Tracks.

Ovens can be difficult to clean but Google has many great Technics you can use to return the oven to its original luster.

Next I would like to highlight some important areas in each room of the house. Lets start with the Living and Dining Room. If you have a fireplace it needs to be vacuumed out and wiped down. The windows need to be cleaned and don’t forget about the tracks. They can be dust dirt and bug collectors so make sure to vacuum and wipe them down. Some areas to highlight in the kitchen are the refrigerator, microwave, oven, stove top, dishwasher and microwave vents. When we turned the house over to you all of these appliances were clean inside and out. They need to be returned to their original condition. Places to remember are the top, back and sides of the refrigerator along with the inside. Ovens can be difficult to clean but Google has many great Technics you can use to return the oven to its original luster. If you are planning to use the ‘Self Cleaning’ option on your oven please wipe all the debris out of the oven before hand. The reason for this is the debris inside can catch on fire during the self cleaning. The other downside to not wiping the debris out is it can become permanently stuck on. Please wipe down the stove top and remove all of the stains. Check the inside of the dishwasher for left over gunk and clean the filter then give the outside a nice wipe down. Lastly if you have a over the stove top microwave it will have metal vents underneath. Remove them and soak them in hot soapy water for 15 min, repeat if necessary.

In the bedrooms you will need to clean the following: Mirrors, closet shelves and doors, walls, light switches and electrical outlets, baseboards, doors, flooring, dust the ceiling and light fixtures, replace any burnt out light bulbs, wipe down vents, shelving, cabinets & drawers, wipe down blinds and clean windows and tracks.
In the laundry room you will need to wipe down the washer & dryer on the outside. Then carefully move the washer and dryer out and clean behind and underneath. Be careful not to scratch up the flooring as you will have to pay for any repairs due to damage. If you have a utility sink in your home it will need to be returned free of stains. When cleaning a utility sink please use a non abrasive cleaner such as a tile cleaner w/bleach or a magic eraser.

” Make sure the home and property is restored to its original condition when we turned the home over to you.”

The bathroom will need to have almost every surface at least wiped down. Some key areas to clean are the shower stall, tub, sink and toilet. The ‘Items to clean in every room’ list applies here too. If your toilet has one of those rings around it you just can’t budge a pumice stone really helps.

Lastly we make our way to the outside of the home. The key thing to remember is what the home and property looked like the day you moved in. It will need to be restored to that same condition. Here is a list of items to check on and clean up if necessary. The decks, sheds and garage need to be free of any personal items, debris, trash, cobwebs. Clean the windows and window tracks, replace the furnace filter and replace any burnt out exterior light bulbs. The lawn will need to be freshly mowed and edged a couple days prior to your move out inspection. Weed the flower beds and prune any over grown shrubs. Make sure to clean any animal feces out of the yard, remove any trash and once again make sure it is restored to its original condition.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything you have seen in this video or any of the Move Out Procedures please feel free to give us a call.

Photo by Eric Muhr on Unsplash

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