Hey there it’s Charissa here! I want to talk to you all about a new package we are rolling out called “ The Resident Benefit Package. You’ll notice some of these items we already currently offer. The reason for the package is to combine all of our fees into one package versus a fee here and a fee there. You will also notice that some of these great items come at no extra charge! Here are the details.

No more guessing the size or accidentally forgetting all together to replace the HVAC filter!

The first item is HVAC filter replacements sent directly to your home. As it is your obligation to replace the furnace filters we have found a convenient solution to help you. We have contracted with Filter Easy to deliver a new filter to your door every 3 months. These filters will have a date stamp on them and you are given a week to get them installed. No more guessing the size or accidentally forgetting all together to replace the HVAC filter!

We report to the Experian Rent Bureau for you. This helps you establish a positive rental history which will help you with all future home rentals or purchases!

You also have access to our state of the art online platform. Through the platform you can pay your rent at no extra charge from us (there may be a third party charge), submit maintenance requests, view your lease or rental agreement and much more.

Experian Rent Bureau helps you establish a positive rental history!

We have also given you access to a 24-7 emergency line. This line if for those occasional times when a water pipe bursts or a septic line fails. Just know we are here for you in an emergency.

The last item is $100,000 of Liability Insurance. This insurance is separate from your renters insurance in this insurance covers the dwelling (in case of a loss) not your belongings. You can acquire this insurance on your own and you will need to provide us with the declaration page.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out at any time!

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